About Bright Angel Employment agency

About Us

Bright Angel Employment agency was started in March 2019. We are a brand new company but not new to hiring of foreign domestic helpers.

I have been hiring foreign domestic helpers, for the last 20 years. To find a helper to suit our family expectations, was always time consuming and disappointing.

Most agency were focused more on profits, rather than customer satisfaction. Thus. In 2017 I decided to use all my disappointing experiences, with "Maid Agency" to good use, I embarked on a journey and started preparation for “BRIGHT ANGEL EMPLOYMENT AGENCY PTE LTD ".

Our goals, are simple. We believe that there is an ANGEL in every one of us. We will do all possible to brighten that "ANGEL" by providing our customers and foreign domestic helpers with a best fit conditions. If there happens to be a situation, where the customer is deprived of a best fit other alternatives will be considered, with minimum cost.

Our company motto," BASED ON TRUST, TO PROGRESS TOGETHER". We are here for the long run, to provide a service based on TRUST.

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